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VAU re-launch [Jan. 12th, 2009|09:58 pm]
Amateur Voice Acting :: The LJ Community


I hope it's OK to post this here:

I just wanted to let you know that voiceacting.co.uk, has relaunched! The new site features a production directory where you can submit your finished projects. Visitors can then search the site for projects of interest, and can filter them by type.

There's also an option to have a resume at:
http://my.voiceacting.co.uk/resume/yourusername . Here's mine I've not finished it but it gives you an idea. Resumes are searchable by gender, voice type, accent etc so you can search for those ideal voice actors. Those can be activated in your profile.

There's also a wealth of tutorials, interviews and articles.  There's also a forum and submission option if you want to get your content up!

The site isn't just for UK VAs/ Producers, everyone is welcome, the site is intended to be a hub for the voice acting community. The site in this form has been going a while now so it's full of content, such as interviews with pro VAs, reviews, links, news and tutorials. The site is well indexed in google so submitting should help get your projects out there.

 I now have interviews with Cristina Vee and Harabek on there plus all my old interviews with Kari Wahlgren, Monica Rial etc.

If you have experience voice acting, animating, etc and think you would make a good review candidate let me know!

Thanks ^

( Also since a few people asked over IM I have no been a staff member of the VAA for some time, this is an independent project ^_^)

Feedback is welcome, Thank you everyone!