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Casting Call Joss Whedon's Fray Project information - Please… - Amateur Voice Acting :: The LJ Community [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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[Jan. 19th, 2009|06:33 pm]
Amateur Voice Acting :: The LJ Community


Casting Call

Joss Whedon's Fray

Project information - Please reference http://pics.livejournal.com/yesimevil/ this series. This will be an unpaid fan project based on a graphic novel, 'Fray' released by dark horse in 2002. The soundtrack will be utilizing the whole score of Buffy the Vampire slayer and other sources for mock authenticity.

Audition deadline - Jan 25. [Yes, I clipped the date down five days. Still, there's alot of wiggle room, especially if it's not cast by then. the 25th is ideal, however.]
Recording and Contact information - Please send submissions to impulsiveninja@gmail.com

-Record in [example format: 44100hz 16-bit Stereo MP3]
-Save the lines as "charactername_yourname_linenumber.mp3" (ex: vaan_tamtu_01.mp3)


Name: Melaka Fray
Age: 19
Bio: The main character and latest of the long line of slayers, though not that she knows. She's reckless, rebellious, but ultimately takes the role of protector of her home in the slums. She's strong, only because she's lived a painful, unprivileged life. She goes from petty theif to hero.
Voice type: Think a young, Idena Menzel with a thick accent and, well, kind of depressed. Be able to express a wide array of emotions, a good monotone, and very extreme emotions. She also has a flat, sauntering voice that, when it changes, it's usually extreme.
Audition line 1: Bad day.
Started bad, stayed that way.

Woke up sore from last night. Didn’t find the fingernail in my breakfast till I was chewing it. Then Gunther forcing me to pull a job when I’m spent… Tough one, too, in the uppers.
All bad enough.

But Ruebrin’s boy’s showed up in the grab and tossing me off the roof, that was…

…Well actually, that was kind of fun. http://pics.livejournal.com/yesimevil/pic/00006dy5

Audition line 2:
Too low
And now he’s pissed
But so am I.
I'm pissed like this rutting beast can't conceive--
I am a lifetime of pissed. Of strong, of muscle built over bruise. I’m slick with power and I feel the fight as it changes.
…as it flows…
…everything into place, perfect, and I finally do what I was born to do. I slay.

Name: Harth Fray
Age: 15
Bio: He is a meek, scrawny young man, with hidden potential in his dreams, and the fact that he's a vampire. As a human he's shy, and sort of a goodie two shoes, a stark contrast and voice of reason for his sister. As A vampire, he is calculating and sinister.
Voice type: Adam Wylie's performance as Brainiac 5, in Legion of super heroes comes to mind when I think of Harth, although he has a far more human aspect. He also has a very very slight new york accent, something that should only slip through occasionally. Someone who can take those things, and sound smooth, almost soothing, with a menacing quality would be preferred.
Audition line 1: I loved the way you blamed mel for my death. The way you shut her out... It was rocketship, watching her bleed for your love...You joined the laws, I almost died again laughing. You just couldn't get further away from her. How did watching her die feel? Big rush? Little rush? One to ten? http://pics.livejournal.com/yesimevil/pic/0006k1ch
Audition line 2: You don't dream much, do you, Mel?
I dreamed.
Before my earliest memories of the world there were the dreams. There was the girl. http://pics.livejournal.com/yesimevil/pic/0003yrqh
(add more if needed)

Name: Erin Fray
Age: 27-30
Bio: Square jawed, new york cop. She worked and earned her life, but separated herself from Melaka when Harth 'died'. She blames Mel, but after the truth is uncovered, she knows who's side she has to be on.
Voice type: Similar in Mel's but far more maternal, experienced, and critical minded. She does show compassion and humor, but her main points are by the book efficiency, patronizing critical, and just being a sister.
Audition line 1: I’m here because of a robbery.
Ancient amulet, taken from the wall safe of a senator. His tracking monitors were all dismantled, but someone who looks just exactly like you was seen fleeing-- Or, um, falling-- from the scene. Care to comment? http://pics.livejournal.com/yesimevil/pic/0000hstg
Audition line 2: Mel, you’re asking me to take your word for something you can’t explain coherently.
I’m a cop. This would be hard for me even if you weren’t…
Even if we didn’t have a history. http://pics.livejournal.com/yesimevil/pic/000479dt

Name: Gunther
Age: 30s-40s
Bio: A new york mob boss. Nothing really happens with out Gunther either knowing about it or having a piece in it. He's powerful and he knows it. He is definitely no coward, but submits when he has to. He's perverted ans business orientated. Also? He's a fishman.
Voice type: Given his character design, Asian American, fluent in english, with a distant quality to accent his being under water.
Audition line 1: Oh my sweEEts..
There’s very much wrong. There’s my best girl, twelve hours late with my grab…

And there’s a giant goat monster making faces at me. http://pics.livejournal.com/yesimevil/pic/00023cs0
Audition line 2: Your brother after you, your sister… Very troublesome family. Surely she was the safer route, yesss?
You see how I look after you, and now you threaten me--

Name: Urkonn
Age: A few hundred
Bio: He's the lacky of demon gods who require the training of the new slayer to prevent a premature apocalypse. He's got cloven hooves, horns, and is pretty much the bastard child of satan himself.
Voice type: I'd like to see something like Goliath from Gargoyals. Accent less, to the point, accented with throaty growls.
Audition line 1: It was hundreds of years ago, in the twenty first century
What we know is this.--there was a battle.

A slayer, possibly with some mystical allies, faced an apocalyptic army of demons.
And when it was done…

They were all gone, all demons, all magicks, banished from this earthly dimension.
Audition line 2: I was sent to train you. To prepare you for the coming battle.
You are the chosen one, Melaka Fray. It is your destiny to lead humankind into war…Against the vampires. http://pics.livejournal.com/yesimevil/pic/00017xsx

Name: Loo
Age: 8
Bio: A little disabled girl who is cared for by Mel. She idolizes Melaka like a super hero and an older sister. She is also called Rocketmouth for a reason.
Voice type: Sweet, innocent, but flawed.
Audition line 1: Mel! We were playing toxo and I caught the bottle three times and Juje said I had a big butt and there was a mad that came but I said I never heard of you and I had ham for lunch and the man said you got chosen and he had a bald hand and Leon pulled my hair. http://pics.livejournal.com/yesimevil/pic/0000qs40
Audition line 2: Mel?

Kettie Rawls called me a freak and he said he was gonna tear my whole arm off and I’d look like a dolphin which I don’t know what that is but I got scareded and you said I could stay here any time I got scareded.

Name: Icarus
Age: In his thirties, but a vampire, so decidedly older.
Bio: Starting out as a typical thug, this man rose to control most of the lowers of Haydnn after being turned into a Lurk. After his siring of a young man, he became devout in following his young leader.
Voice type: Baritone, possibly mixed raced. I want to say he's black/african american, but it's hard to say. Since he is constantly in his vampire face, it may be wise to put a layer of gauze under upper lip to get a slight fang effect in the voice. Or get a vampire fang halloween kit.
Audition line 1: The one I sent to watch her got hungry. Confronted her.

[And she fought back?]

She did. And Gunther says she had a… Creature with her today. Maybe a bodyguard, I’m not sure. But not human.
Audition line 2: You having fun, girl? Little stroll down memory mine-field? http://pics.livejournal.com/yesimevil/pic/0002ytrq

Name: Vrill
Age: indefinite
Bio: A very old demon. Older then most religions. He is small and lithe, spider like. His mouth full of sharp teeth, and his eyes slit and narrow. He is impatient, arrogant and a bit touchy.
Voice type: Sharp, biting, quick, eerie and articulate.
Audition line 1: You overstep your bounds. She must be intercepted.
Audition line 2: I'm talking about the watchers, Boluz, you droop-faced leech. I'm talking about the One Who Will Lead. That is the threat. And she must be used to stop it before havoc is unleashed on all our worlds.

Name: Boluz
Age: Indefinite
Bio: Fat and grotesque. He is, like Vrill, a very old demon. He is slower then Vrill, and much more patient.
Voice type: He sounds like you sound after eating a cheese burger. Grimey, bloated, and a filmy feeling in the back of your throat.
Audition line 1:Just a human, along Ten Billion others. Living out the same, dull, pointless existence.
Not the slightest clue that come Day's end... She can say good bye to her nice quiet life.
Audition line 2: This is a world with no magic in it. Of course she would fear something other wordly, no?

Name: Broder
Age: 30s
Bio: New york cop. He's the kind of guy you want on your side. By the books, a little of that rough and tough action. Yet, he does have a soft side, especially for Erin, his partner. He's got seven sisters, and he's likely got a family of his own, so knows where Erin is, and is ultimately sympathetic.
Voice type: Slightly cynical, voice of reason, but also he's got that beat cop feel about him.
Audition line 1: Bob! Take her up! Give us some Fire!
Audition line 2: Running for Gunther doesn't make Melaka enemy one. It's stupid, yeah. But she's what, nineteen? And knowing how much it rips you means she's never gonna stop.

Name: Kettie Rawls
Age: 30s
Bio: Crude, rude and raunchy. He's cynical and just an over all jack ass
Voice type: Gruff and used. Grouchy, but good humored.
Audition line 1: So, explain to me again how yer a big Superhero? Cause that part always makes me giggle.

Audition line 2: Hey, Melly. Got room for an old friend between those legs?

Watcher: British, a hint insane. In his forties with a little hint of desperation and crazy, since he has one line, then lights himself on fire.
Line: Watcher: Excuse me. Miss Fray? Melaka Fray? You... Are the chosen... I am not worthy to come before you.... you will save us...
You will protect us. End the scourge. You will cleans us all... .. You will cleanse us with fire!

Lurks- All voice types.

Amma: 30s-40s She works in a bar, and is wary of mel because she might be a bad influence for her daughter, loo.
Line: I feel bad I struck at you before. I know you always looked after Loo.

http://pics.livejournal.com/yesimevil/pic/0002ehrz/g1 [Bottom left corner]

Little boy 1: 10 years old, chubby and petulant.
line: My mom says lurks are people god got sick of.

Little boy 2: Skinny and kind of stupid.
Line: Make what? What he want to make?

Please let me know if you're interested and send auditions to impulsiveninja@aim.com.

Also, read the comic, that's pretty much the entire script.

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[User Picture]From: impulsiveninja
2009-09-27 12:51 am (UTC)
The project didn't get anywhere, sadly.
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